Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello! On the Road 2011

        Hello out there to all my very patient friends and family!  Well we are in Escondido, CA at the RV and I am at last feeling free for a few minutes to update the blog.
       We have been having a whirlwind month.  When Hanna and I finally arrived on Sep 3rd, we felt so relieved to be here. The trip was filled with a lot of edge of your seat excitement, which I hope doesn't happen again. We got through it and now are trying to get everything done we want to do in California.
       So far, we have been to Legoland about 6-7 times. We bought a year membership because it was less than 2 admissions. No brainer for us. This way the kids can go whenever they want, as long as it's not on a weekend (crowded) or a Tues./Wed. (closed). Although we are going on Sat. nights in Oct. because they have Brick-or-Treat. Fun to get a little candy (very little) and dress in costume.  I know! Can you imagine Jake and Hanna wanting to dress up?

↑Jake and Hanna on Talk like a Pirate Day Sep. 19,  2011

↑Legoland CA for the first Brick-o-Treat Oct. 1st,  2011

They also have nice fireworks on Sat. nights in October.
Jake has a lot of nice pictures on his blog from the fun flying trip he did with his Dad in August from Alaska to California.

       When David was here last week we went to Disneyland for 3 days. Lots of fun, but 2 days would have been fine.  We were going to move the RV up to L.A. so we could be closer (like a mile away) but the kids didn't want to move. They wanted to drive. It turned out to be a great choice for us.  The trip only took us about 75 mins each way.  Sounds crazy but the kids don't want to move the RV if we don't have to.  Feels more like home that way.

       David will be back around the 21st of Oct. or so and then we will be on to the next big adventure. Driving to Arizona! I am not looking forward to it because my co-pilot will be 5000 ft up in the air.  Jake is flying in the 180 with David so it will just be Hanna and me in the RV.  We can do it! Right? More later…

☺Ciao amici e familiari!